Kids get yourself a pad and pen for this one, because were going deep on this installment of Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze. Meet Billy Perkins he's a lifestyle and movement coach based in San Diego, California. When we met at the end of 2010 we were both for a lack of better term endurance meatheads. Since then we've both gone down our own spritual paths in a quest to find the meaning of life. In this episode we discuss depression, what defines us as humans, working with plant medicines, and the journey of Billy writing his book. To date this is the longest episode I've recorded and we could have kept going. I am truly grateful for this conversation with Billy. I hope you all appreciate it as much as I do.  

You can find Billy's writting @ and on Instagram @billybrain

Here's a sample of Billy's writting that really resoniated with my own life
Most days, at least lately, I sit in solitude justifying my existence in her life.
Each day grows increasingly harder to justify than the last.
I don’t always feel worthy – of her. Of the life we share.
I’d like to be something more than what I experience myself to be, do something extraordinary. Make more money. Overcome the sadness of reality.
Maybe I will do these things.
I worry I won’t. I worry its too late for me.
I worry she’s contained by an illusion of maybe.
I share this with her. She listens. When I am done, she points out how we are all contained within an illusion of maybe.
It sounds different when she says it. As it rolls off of her tongue, maybe sounds like hope.