Episode 18 of Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze w. Brody Longo owner of Slinging' Ink Tattoo in Pt Pleasant, New Jersey. Back in 1994 when I got my second tattoo, I walked into Slingin' Ink Tattoo terrified of the two hulking gentlemen at the front of the shop and as it turns out Brody was in the process of going through his apprenticeship. A year into tattooing Brody was met with the opportunity to take over Slingin' Ink. 24 years later and 1,000's of tattoo's Brody and his crew at Singin' Ink are still holding it down on Arnold Ave. In Point Pleasant Beach. In this episode we discuss geting into tattooing, what it's like being and apprentice, being a business owner, what makes a good tattoo v. a bad one and of course we get into a little fitness/crossfit talk. Enjoy my friends!!!!


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