In 1976, Dick Traum, an above the knee amputee, found himself approaching middle age and out of shape. After joining a local YMCA, Dick began running – small distances at first and then, eventually several miles. Within a year, Dick became the first amputee to run a marathon. It was the NYC Marathon and the experience was life changing, bringing a powerful sense of achievement and self-esteem. In 1983, seeking to provide that same opportunity to other people with disabilities, Dick created the Achilles Track Club, now called Achilles International.

This non-profit organization has chapters and members in over 65 locations within the United States and abroad. Dan Zolnikov and Jason Romero stopped by to talk about the Denver Chapter, it's group run that meets year round rain or shine on Monday's at 6pm and the Hope & Possibilities Run -A- Thon next Saturday November 9, from 7a-7pm

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