Damon George is the North American Sales Director for Upper Cut Deluxe https://www.uppercutdeluxe.com/us/ based out of Oceanside, California. Damon's the big brother I never had and truly lives the "be all in" lifestyle. He was an intergal part in me fullfilling my maifest destiny and leaving the comforts of everything I ever knew at the Jersey Shore to set off on this journey that is still ever evolving. In this eposide we discuss Damon's own manifest destiny journey of growing up in Florida, moving to California, the ups and downs of business in the surf and skate industry, being a father and staying healthy mentally and physically along the way. He's a rad human and I hope you appreciate this converastion as much as I did. No matter where I am in the world I know and can pick up the phone and connect with Damon as if we were back in OSide in 2011 standing on the patio gazing at the starts contemplating life, it's meaning and all that it has to offer.

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